Every Book Makes a Difference!


Caroline Blizzard collected 680 books for us and inspired us to start the “200 Club!”

We accept all new and used children’s books, ages baby to 18, which will be used for our Magic Book Parties and Community Distribution Programming. The more colors and textures the better! We also accept good condition novels, non-fiction and specialty books for all ages, many of which are used to generate revenue for our children’s programming.

When selecting a book to donate, look for books written for babies / toddlers and kindergarten through second grade. Our target age group is between birth and 7, although we gladly accept and need books for children of all ages.

If conducting a book drive in your neighborhood, consider printing this helpful flyer to go inside flyer boxes to handed directly to neighbors. Put your name and contact info on the back incase neighbors have any questions. If anyone needs a donation receipt, we have a printable one here.

If you plan on “cleaning out your child’s bookshelf,” which is how we get most of our donations, please take the time to make it a learning opportunity for your child that will empower them and help create a caring, compassionate, future philanthropist. Let them know that many children (an estimated 60,000) in our area don’t have books to call their own. Let the child pick out books that he or she no longer needs or reads because he or she has outgrown them. Tell your child that because of their generosity, other children in Charlotte will now get to enjoy special books of their very own.

If your child(ren) collects more than 200 books for us they are invited to join our “200 Club.” Please send a picture of your child(ren) with their donated books to info@promisingpages.com. Please be sure to include their name, grade, school and how many books they collected. (200 club section coming soon!)

If you plan on purchasing books for us, please consider donating money earmarked for new book purchases. We have a partnership that allows us to purchase brand new books for about $1 – $1.50 / book with shipping. The same book retails between $6 and $15. We also are in great need of paper towels or shop cloths to clean the books. We always need wrapping paper, scissors, tape and markers for book processing. Any of these items may be placed in the donation bins throughout the city or outside our South End warehouse door underneath the overhang. (Our warehouse is the most preferable drop-off location for larger that would overwhelming a bin. Please email us at info@promisingpages.com for directions to our warehouse.)

Donation Locations

You may drop off books at any of the following locations: